Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Sacrificial Shorts

A while ago I picked up these high waisted shorts while browsing at the thrift shop purely for the colour.  Happily, the turned out to fit very, very well, though a bit too snugly at the waist to do anything active or, say, eat in.  I have a 10-11" difference between hip and waist, with the hip being located 12" below, so not having waist gape-age, lower stomach pooch, and the waist hitting high enough is rare.  It only struck me to measure how far apart the two were after tracing this out while this vaguely remembered phrase from Vogue's pattern envelopes/website echoed in my head:

"HIP- around body at fullest part—usually 7-9" (18-23cm) below waist (4)"

Let me tell you, this explains a few things.  My "hip" circumference is about 3" less in that area.  I knew I was long through the hip, but I never thought it would be an additional 5-3"- I just assumed I would be more in the 9" from waist category rather than the 7".   Needless to say, I foresee length being added to patterns there in the future.  Finding out the actual dimensions of my body is so fascinating I find!  It's like 18th century mapping: recognizable but so, so off sometimes.

from Wikipedia

Anyway, before sacrificing poor pinkie to the drafting and sewing gods, I tried rubbing them off by putting a cloth down, then tracing paper, then tracing the outline out with a tracing wheel.  This was a technique I saw on a YouTube video which I thought I would try first.  I had to press pretty hard, but the dots made by the wheel were pretty readable and the results, as you can see below, were quite close.

Some changes I will make when using this as a pattern is to lower the rise 1/2", and add 1/2" circumference (the waist band is currently centered on my waist, which means the band folds over itself and wrinkles when I move as you can see, especially with them being a bit tight).  I think this will become my dart fitted, loose leg shorts/pants block and crotch curve pattern which will be very useful.  I will also be able to turn this into a nice skirt block.

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