Saturday, 10 May 2014

Poppy Skirt

Here is my first project on my new machine.  It's a super simple elastic waist gathered skirt that hits tea length on me when worn at the waist (36" length).  I purchased this bright and cheery poppy border print at Fabricland a few years ago specifically for a project like this and I'm happy to have finally made it.  It's too long to be twirly, but it feels nicely breezy and light to wear.

I wore it to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) to draw like I do most weekends.  When dressing I realized that the only spring shoes I had were a pair of shoes I use for interviews with 2" heels.  So I went out wearing a very ... obvious... skirt and being pretty close to 6 feet tall.  I noticed that I had no problems with crowds compared to usual, haha!

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